We teach you everything about IT Sales Engineer role.

Our training courses for Engineers and Sales

(for engineers)

Our trainers are certified to deliver courses in systems engineering, networking and cybersecurity.

(in a training center or online)

Technical sales process
(For pre-sales / sales engineer) 

Pre-sales stages training: discovery/qualification, presentation, demonstration, Proof of Concept (PoC) with an "IT Marketing" bonus

(on site or online)

Full Technical sales 
(For Pre-Sales Engineer / Sales)

IT sales training techniques (presentation techniques, role play, technical content creation, follow-up, surveys, newsletters, etc.) you will also learn how to effectively manage the technical sales process

(on site or online)

Training reveals aptitude and the field reveals competences.

Patrice Aimé agossou

Training designed for IT professionals

Professionals/ Self-employed

You wish to develop certain skills with a personalized and light training.

Join hundreds of professionals who became experts on a presales role.


Train your teams on the technical sales process , or prepare them to be an outstanding pre-sales engineer (enablement)

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How the courses are organized

1/ Professionals / self-employed : 

A weekly updated training schedule is announced

2/ For companies : 

A qualification form need to be filled in first, to understand your needs and the type of content expected (technical, commercial) , the number of collaborators and the outcomes.

Why our courses stand out

  • 1
    Affordable price for the quality delivered
  • 2
    Schedule flexibility
  • 3
    Crafted and delivered by professionals from the field 
  • 4
    Immersion - Use cases and role-play
  • 5
    Training completion certificate to promote to our partners 

Ressources & articles

Trainer : Mahrez LARBES

Engineer / trainer with 10 years of experience in IT solutions, he has trained more than 200 engineers and advised 100 companies in France and Europe.

The relational aspect is very important for Mahrez, which will allow him to guide you through a process that will make your success (technical, relational, commercial and the icing on the cake "marketing")

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6, Rue des Bateliers

92110 Clichy,  FR

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