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How we do it ?

with these 3 fundamental pillars, offering stability and performance and a guaranteed ROI (saving time, increasing revenue, developing your brand) 🚀🚀

1. Marketing Strategy

Competitive positioning identification, followed by an action plan with your sales and technical team (inclusion)

"We were surprised by the Mahrez's professionalism and Mazer Consulting team.

The training around the technical sales process, as well as the integration of marketing tools, allowed us to see more clearly the decisions to be made and how to grow our customer base"

Alexandre Feuvre 

Consultant / technical sales engineer

"Being a network and telecom engineer, I have always been interested in the pre-sales role, but I couldn't necessarily find training that suited me. After some months of research, I finally opted for the technical sales training ⁣⁣delivered by Mahrez. it helped me understand the IT sales world and change my perception of sales in general. Thank you." 

Adel Mostefai

Network engineer - Wordline

Increase your sales by enrolling to our "xTech" process 

Our xTech process represent the creation of "easy to understand" technical content (through videos, articles, presentations, 3D animation, testimonials) that sends a subliminal message to your prospects.

Marketing IT content creation

Make yourself known and associate your brand name with the services offered, increase your notoriety and gain credibility.

Simple integration to the sales process, allowing you to reach your goals in less time.

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